“Mr. Kinnaird handled my highly contested divorce and child custody application with great skill and effectiveness. He rescued me and my daughter from an abusive and vindictive spouse and obtained a very favourable result. If you want immediate results, hire him!.”

– Norman S.

“I changed representation to Mr. Timothy Kinnaird mid-way through my two year long family custody case. He promised and delivered exceptional results in today’s Ontario legal system which I found was complacent, biased against fathers and wouldn’t deviate from “Status-Quo” judgments. He spent the time for a detailed exploration of my complex case, and prepared effective legal responses and strategies. He easily anticipated challenges and predicted outcomes along the way, and because of his experience we were rarely surprised. He is a tenacious and courageous litigator who will take risks and seize opportunities during trial. Tim Kinnard has earned my trust and I whole heartedly recommend him for any legal matter.”

– E. Horn | Toronto, ON

“I’m an actor, and Mr. Kinnaird helped me secure my best interests with various contracts. I felt reassured and safe knowing that the contract Mr. Kinnaird had drawn up protected me, and because of that, I had no trouble in my negotiations. Tim is very personable, and empathic and I would highly recommend him if you want a lawyer who’s a good listener, thorough, and reasonably priced.”

– Laura E. | Toronto, ON