• Independent Legal Advice Certificate

    Male hands with pens signing a contract.An independent Legal Advice Certificate (ILA Certificate) is required for each party who signs a child custody and access agreement, or a separation agreement . It provides confirmation that each party has been advised by a lawyer as to his or her legal rights and obligations arising from the end of the marriage, understands the terms of the agreement, and that they have signed the agreement without duress or undue influence. Without a ILA Certificate a agreement may be overturned if a party alleges that they did not know the law, did not understand the terms of the agreement or were under duress at the time of signing the agreement.

    Reg. $850 You Pay $647

  • Court Acceptance Guarantee

    guarantee-100 With our guaranteed court acceptance service, our trained legal staff will review all of your documentations for errors and omissions and identify potential issues that may result in the rejection of your application. Our trained legal staff will then contact you with the recommended corrections therefore guarantee your application will be accepted and processed by the court.

    Reg. $67 You Pay $57

  • Lawyer Consultation Services

    imgOur Senior Lawyer Timothy Kinnaird is available to review with you the law, and how it applies to your individual situation. He will provide legal guidance and a strategy to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your pending divorce. He will also provide answers and solutions to any questions or concerns you may have regarding your children and your financial future.

    Reg. $400 You Pay $275

  • Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

    img If you are seeking a marriage license in Canada and have been previously divorced outside Canada, you will need a letter from a lawyer verifying the legality in Canada of your foreign divorce before you can remarry. This will require the lawyer to review your divorce papers and ensure that it was obtained in compliance with Canadian legal requirements.

    Reg. $400 You Pay $275

  • Separation Agreement

    img A Separation Agreement is a domestic contract settling all of the issues arising from the breakdown of a marriage such as: child custody, access, and who pays for their support; who pays spousal support, how much they will pay and for how long; and finally the distribution of all of the family property, including the family home. When the separation agreement has been signed, you can proceed to get your Do It Yourself Divorce. If these issues are not complicated, and have been agreed upon by both parties, our Lawyer Timothy Kinnaird will review the terms of your agreement with you and draft up a simple, easy-to-understand domestic agreement that will be enforceable and ensure your uncontested divorce. If the issues are complicated requiring further legal services, Mr. Kinnaird is available to assist you in negotiating a separation agreement that protects your best interests.

    Reg. $1500 You Pay $997

  • Child Custody Agreement

    img Before you can get an uncontested divorce, and if there are children from the marriage, you will require a child custody and support agreement. If both parties have agreed to who gets custody of and who pays support for the children, our Family Law Lawyer Timothy Kinnaid will provide a simple and enforceable written agreement, that will enable you to proceed to obtain your uncontested divorce. If the issues become complicated requiring further legal services, Mr. Kinnaird is available to assist you in negotiating a child custody and Support agreement that protects you and your children’s best interests.

    Reg. $850 You Pay $647

  • Marriage Certificate

    Ontario Marriage CertificateA marriage certificate is a document containing the details of a marriage performed in Ontario. You can order a copy or multiple copies online if the marriage is registered in Ontario. You can use this certificate to change your name, process a divorce, or as a record of family history.

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  • New Marriage License

    Marriage Licence ApplicationOrder your new marriage license.

    You Pay Only $247.00 (Prices may vary according to municipality)

  • Matrimonial Home Designation

    imgPreserve your rights to an equal share in your home by protecting it with a Matrimonial Home Designation. When the Matrimonial Home Designation is registered on title to your home, it puts any lender on notice that this is a matrimonial home. This will prevent your spouse from obtaining any financing or loans secured by the value of your family home. After registration, your consent will be required by any lender before any money is advanced. Without this designation, your spouse can cash in the value of the house and leave you potentially homeless and penniless.

    Reg. $500 You Pay $377

  • Family Responsibility Office Registration

    imgHave your formal separation agreement automatically enforced and collected by the Ontario Government’s Family Responsibility Office. Having the FRO on your side ensures your separation agreement will be enforced like a court judgment with such tools as automatic drivers license and passport suspensions that ensure you paid what you are entitled to under your agreement. Do It Yourself Divorce Online will prepare the necessary forms and have registered your agreement for automatic enforcement on your behalf.

    Reg. $87 You Pay $67

  • Severance of Joint Tenancy

    imgWhen you and your spouse own the home together as joint tenants, should one of you die unexpectedly, legally the title to the house automatically goes to your ex-spouse. The benefits of severing joint tenancy, when you are divorcing insures that should you die unexpectedly, your share of the home will go to your next of kin.

    Reg. $500 You Pay $377

  • Court Fee Waiver

    Court Fee Waiver If you are in a certain income bracket you may qualify to have all your court fee’s paid for. That is a savings of $347.00 in court fees. To find out if you qualify please call our office at: 1-888-405-7758 or e-mail us at

    Reg. $127 You Pay $97

  • Process Server

    Delivery man with bouquet giving clipboard for signatureIf you feel your spouse may be un-cooperative in receiving your Application For Divorce, or you simply prefer to have your Application For Divorce served on your ex-spouse professionally by another party, a Do It Yourself Divorce Certified Process Server will attend to the proper delivery of your court documents and execute a valid Affidavit of Service for filing with your divorce papers. *Extra charges may apply for extended mileage (50 km roundtrip) and or repeated attempts to serve your court documents.

    Reg. $147 You Pay $127

  • Certificate of Divorce

    Divorce certificate Plan on remarrying? If so you will need to have your original divorce judgment. If you do not have your original divorce judgment you will need a Certificate of Divorce to obtain your marriage licence.

    Reg. $67 You Pay $47