What is a divorce?

What are the grounds for a divorce?

Do I need a lawyer to get a divorce?

What is an uncontested divorce?

How much does your service cost?

What are the grounds for a divorce?

What is a joint divorce?

What is a separation agreement? And, do I need a separation agreement to get divorced?

What is a contested divorce?

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Do I have to be separated for a certain amount of time before I can apply for a divorce?

What does it mean to be living separate and apart?

What about the children and divorce?

Can I still get a divorce if there are issues that have not been settled yet such as child custody and support, spousal support or the division of family assets and property?

Do I have to go to court to settle issues arising from the divorce?

What if I don’t know the whereabouts of my spouse? Can I still get a divorce?

I have lived with my common law partner for three or more years, do we need a divorce?